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Products introduction

The Touch lmager is mainly applied to researching acquisition of chemiluminescence image and quantitative analysis of image signal in the Western blot (WB) experiment of the life science. Using large-scale electronic light-sensitive element instead of the traditional film and the CCD imaging technology so that the Touch Imager can most definitely reduce the loss of the low-light signal. Meanwhile, it also remove the cumbersome procedure of the traditional optical film imaging and reserve the linear advantage of the digital acquisition image.Compared with CCD camera, Touch Imager not only perfected the dark room construction, environmental pollution, and inaccurate quantitative analysis but implemented hundreds times in sensitivity. The real dynamic collection range and large full-well electron capacity make Touch Imager strongly on overexposure resistance and ensure the accuracy of the data to the maximum extent. At the same time, there is no point in worrying about the loss of low light signal due to the lack of exposure when saving the antibody.Touch Imager with only one twentieth volume of existing devices and exquisite design can completely satisfy the requirement of experimental scenes from different customers.The Touch viewer software system adopts multiple application technologies;for instance, data tracking and 3D image analysis. It can not only restore the authenticity in the process of academic and drug research and development to facilitate supervision but also easily analyze the exposure situation to quantify the exact signal. 

Vision Honor

We are committed to providing the excellent system of contact electronic chemiluminescence imaging with smaller, stronger and wider for our customers, improving the efficiency and success rate of experimental research and development,creating a new era in the field of chemiluminescence imaging.

  • Touch Imager awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2018;
  • Finalists of the National Innovation Competition in 2018;
  • Achieved Shanghai Science and Technology innovation upstart in 2018;
  • Acclaimed as "iphone" in the field of chemiluminescence by customers;
  • A Technological Revolution in Biological Experiment.

Product Advantage

3D image analysis

Easy analysis of exposure, accurate quantitative strength signal.

  • Ultra-Sensitivity:Electronic-negative,Attached    Photo-sensitivity,Imaging one second only  
  • Wide Dynamic Range:Super-large electronic capacity is 30 times bigger than CCD camera.
  • Small Size: Satisfying different scene
  • Proprietary Technology: International Proprietary Technology  Covering dozens of countries and regions

Data traceability technology

To restore the authenticity of the academic and pharmaceutical research and development process and facilitate supervision.

Cloud analysis storage

The problem of quantitative inaccuracy, data transfer and preservation of darkroom film is solved effectively.