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Product introduction

Traditional optical film and CCD camera

Film imaging CCD camera imaging
Minimal loss of signal, high sensitivity, but tedious experiment process, contamination, and time-cosuming cumbersome.
CCD camera losses more than 99% of light signals and significantly reduces the sensitivity, also CCD camera takes bigger space.

Innovative contact imaging mode—Electronic Imager Combining high sensitivity of optical film imaging and technological advantage of CCD imaging


Minimal loss of signal, high sensitivity and takes smaller space, digtalization.


Wide dynamic range of acquisition - No signal missed

No worry about losing key data due to insuficient or excessive exposure, saving antibody, and never misssing weak signal.


Touch Imager VS. optcal film

a-tubulin antibody

1秒曝光 Touch imager
1秒曝光 胶片
5秒曝光 胶片
30秒曝光 胶片


Touch Imager VS. CCD camera a -tubulin antibody

1秒曝光 Touch imager
60秒曝光 CCD相机

According to images below, the Touch Imager can capture strong and weak signal on the protein membrane simultaneously within a few seconds, while the weak signals seems feeble on the image developed by a popular brand imager in the laboratory, and meanwhile, because of a long exposure, the strong signals were overfilled.

Automated acquisition accomplish your task with a single click

Easy to use, in most cases, you can finish your work by one clicking with the TOUCH IMAGER.
Automatic exposure to complete signal acquisition. For weak signal, you can aslo choose automatic exposure or manual exposure with the TOUCH IMAGER.

一、One-click imaging

二、Browse through your results

三、Images modification

Touch Viewer/Analyzer


The software has a user-friendly operation interface, with clearly function selection and visualized parameter settings. Users can use automatic capturing mode with one-step clicking button or set the exposure time manually. Users can also overlay images captured with different exposure time to get stronger and clearer signal.


Touch Viewer/Analyzer is fully functional with text editing, fake colouring, image inversion, cropping, rotation, horizontal and vertical mirroring, adjustment of brightness and contrast, image formats compatible for direct publication


3D recognition for overexposure
Overexposed image can’t be used in quantitative analysis, 3D imaging technology helps differentiate whether the image is overexposed in a simple and intuitive manner, ensuring the accuracy of your quantitative analysis


Unique account administration system, each user has her/his own database where she/he can make modification but can not delete data, in compliance to the reqirement of traceable data integrity.




Imaging area: 15cm*11 cm

Cooling system: no required

Light management:chemoluminescence# vertical LED

A/D Dynamic range of acquisition: 16 bit (Accurate)

Acquisition time:0.1 s-60s

Mode of acquisition: automatic/manual

Mode of connection: Ian cable/blue tooth



Operating software

Operating software Touch Viewer/Analyzer

3D imaging optional, fast and intuitive quantitative analysis.