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Product introduction

How does it look at global markets as the target of the global leader in chemiluminescence? In recent years the rise of the CCD camera technology, for example, GE, Biorad, Protein simple, Cell biosciences's fly, as the representative of American companies in the global market monopoly of CCD camera, occupying 90% of the world's CCD camera market.
Data show that in 2016 only Biorad company's global sales reached more than 1000 Taiwan, Chinese market chemiluminescence meter alone sold more than 500 units, the global sales of more than 200 million yuan, is more significant global sales data. In view of the domestic market situation, the company only does Western blot single field for example. In 2015, there were nearly 400 sales in China, with sales approaching 0.4 billion RMB. "The preliminary estimate is that the global incremental market will be between 7 and 800 million and the stock market will reach 6 billion." Zhang zhihao said.
But the truth is that the market is much bigger than expected. Single problem in view of the present products in the future, is easy to Marco Polo's market strategy, based on the direct touch electronic tablet technology, mining more extended application in the field of chemiluminescence, continuously develop series products of protein analysis, WB overall solution, and a series of medical diagnostic applications, such as enzyme protein analysis standard instrument, medical diagnosis of IVD field.
At present, it is imperative for zhang zhihao and easy to be able to perfect the product and pricing system, and put the product into the market for promotion and cultivation as soon as possible. About how to get out of the market as a first step, chih-hao chang also have their own considerations, "as a startup company, we are young lack of brand influence, at the same time facing channel is not mature enough, the relatively high cost of sales, comprehensive above factors, we will cut into the university scientific research institution first." According to chih-hao chang explanation, although the market is relatively small, but it is easier to get through, the reason is that scientists group of new technology, new product accept ability is stronger, and laboratory research in colleges and universities is relatively abundant, is willing to buy the latest technology products.
Sift through easy to Marco Polo's co-founder directory will find, as CEO chih-hao chang is a outsiders, he started to do foreign trade also had a industry, and then as a large state, marketing director, has rich experience in marketing and enterprise management. Only from the point of passing through workplace, it is hard to he and biochemistry, especially in Western blot field, chih-hao chang explained that his own definition mainly responsible for the company's product development and design process, as well as operating promotion, co-founder of team of professional experts in the field of molecular biology and protein engineering and medical image product verification officer authoritative scholars and technical guidance, he believes that it is modular innovation help easy Marco seize new market opportunities, to Western blot analysis touch straight into the digital age, in the future, cross-border cooperation will also be better play to the role of the collaborative innovation, accelerate project incubation and firm growth.